Butter Plus uses an innovative thermoforming and injection molding process to suggest an alternative to the way butter packaging is usually designed. This dairy product is most often found in blocks that are wrapped in foil, which is usually a hassle to protect once a sliver has been unwrapped.

As a solution to crumpled foil that barely covers a block of used butter, the Weidenhammer Packaging Group devised a system that uses a semicircle shape; the block of butter inside can be rotated outward for use and returned for safe keeping. Now that the concept has been fully realized, the charming butter packaging system is currently being prepared for large-scale production by Weidenhammer.

In a slightly larger size, it’s also easy to imagine that this could work just as well for serving an assortment of cheeses.






source: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/butter-packaging



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