Digital sculptor Janne Kyttanen always pushes the boundaries when it comes to what 3D printing can do – it’s always a surprise what he’s able to make. From tables, seating, lighting, and sculptures, he’s changing the way these home furnishings are made. Take a look at the latest work he recently presented during last month’s Design Miami / Basel.

The Sedona series expands with the Bronze Sedona Lounge Table in its new mirror bronze finish. The pattern mimics that of the red rocks of Sedona with it’s peaks and plateaus. Previously, it was released in another finish.

The oversized Avoid Chandelier is a glowing ring perforated with a complex diamond pattern that emits an intricate pattern of light. It debuted at Gallery ALL last month.

Last year, Kyttanen released a few new pieces, including the Metsidian, and now he’s expanded the collection to include the Rose Gold Metsidian Tray, Shelf, and Side Table. The result of the sculptural pieces comes from a single moment – an eruption – that joins two divergent materials together, organic volcanic obsidian that becomes a mesh of sorts.

“The form of this design is influenced by Lie sphere geometry, a geometrical theory in which the fundamental concept is the sphere. In Lie sphere geometry all lines should be regarded as spheres of infinite radius and points in the plane should be regarded as spheres of zero radius.”

The Rollercoaster Table is made from infinite spirals and features a sandblasted Moët & Chandon Champagne finish.

Them Romans are three mirror-finish bronze sculptures that are to be viewed as a triptych.


source: http://design-milk.com/janne-kyttanen-unveils-new-work-design-miami-basel/



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